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Friday 6 June 2014

Strolling Around Salzburg Old Town

The Salzach River runs across the entire city of Salzburg. The Mirabell Garden is on one side of the river whilst the Hohensalzburg Castle (High Salzburg Fortress) is on another side. The Salzburg Cathedral is also situated on the same side as the Hohensalzburg Castle.



It is not uncommon for the Europeans to lock a padlock on the bridge handrails to symbolise forever love between a couple. I saw many Asian couples also follow suit. However, there is already a concern in some cities that the padlocks may overload the bridges that may lead to collapse. Well, that is not an issue for me to discuss further.


The old street of Salzburg (Getreidegasse) is just very short. I think it is less than a kilometre. We could walk back and forth within thirty minutes, including a visit to the Salzburg Cathedral.






There was a stall selling all kinds of pretzel on the Residenz Square (Residenzplatz). The stall keeper was a very lively person although he spoke very little English.



One of the activities while strolling through Getreidegasse is to admire the craftsmanship of the wrought-iron guild signages. Even McDonald's had to compromise to replace the original double golden arches with a wrought-iron signage after an uproar of the local residents who boycotted the fast-food eatery for three weeks.



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