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Tuesday 11 September 2007

Mantis – The Kungfu Master

The Northern Praying Mantis or the Praying Mantis Kungfu (螳螂拳) modelled its movement after the insects that belong to the family of Mantidae. A mantis has two saw-like forearms which are very powerful that they can halve the opponent's body in a fraction of a second.

Praying mantis hook movement

Praying mantis back hook

Run away if defeated

Strike back when there is an opportunity

Just hang around if there's no opponent


Anonymous said...

Hey CK, how come the insects in your backyard are so highly skilled in the ancient arts? What did you put in your backyard?

p/s you can do 2 things with sitemeter. 1) switch privacy to medium. 2) ignore your own visits!
Hope that helps! -

CK Ng said...

I trained all of them there and then when I was shooting, haha! I fed them with the vege brought from the mountain of Shaolin.

Thanks for the tips on Sitemeter.

Anonymous said...

lol at two comments..


CK Ng said...

I'll keep on training and shooting the bugs at my backyard. Hahaha!

haan said...

awesome. love the last one.

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