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Tuesday 11 September 2007

The Wonderful Colours of Jiuzhaigou (五彩繽紛的九寨溝)

Sometime in October of 2005, I embarked on my journey to one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It was granted the title in year 1992, and it is non other than the wonderful Jiuzhaigou with mountains and water of multiple colours. Jiuzhaigou in Mandarin literally means 'the valley of nine villages.'

Our first stop at this splendid nature reserve was the Nuorilang Waterfall (诺日朗瀑布), but our tour guide purposely drop us at a distance away for us to walk along the streams leading up to the waterfall.

The water was so clear that even the water in my drinking bottle didn't look as clean.

After a short distance of easy walk on the planked path, we have arrived at the cascading waterfall. I just can't describe the feeling of hearing the ensemble from the water hitting the rocks that spurred up the water vapours. You've gotta be there to experience it yourself.

Our tour bus headed further up to bring us to the Long Lake (長海), which is situated at the highest land of the valley. This lake acquires the water from the melted snow of the mountain ranges and loses it through seepage of the ground.

If I remember correctly, this photo was taken at the Pearl Shoal (珍珠灘).

This lake is called the Tiger Lake (老虎海) for its reflection of multi-colour leaves on the lake being the resemblance of the fur of a tiger.

We continued exploring Jiuzhaigou to one of the most colourful ponds, Five-Colour Pond (五彩池). This pond earned its name from the blue-colour water,

yellow- and red-colour-leave reflections,

and the green-colour underwater vegetation.

We were then brought to visit the famed Mirror Lake (鏡海), thanks to the Chinese hit movie Hero (英雄) by the acclaimed director Zhang Yimou.

The Mirror Lake is literally correct for its perfect reflections of the mountain ranges, the tree branches, the leaves and the sky.

Before we left this spectacular place with much reluctance, we visited the Panda Waterfall (熊猫瀑布). Do you see an image of a panda on the waterfall in the middle, or is it just me?

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