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Saturday 24 November 2007

The Colours of the Satok Sunday Market

I went to the Sunday Market at Satok on one fine morning for a street shooting with my Jedis #001, #002 & #005. The Sunday Market started off as a place for the native people to sell their jungle produce but it has evolved into a large-scale open-air market over the years. It has now become one of the tourist attractions in Kuching. You can find anything you need for the household here; from food to ointment.

Colourful sandals for the fashion-minded.

More colourful sandals.

Bracelets made from beads with the motifs of the native people.

More bead bracelets.

Bags with colourful design for those who are fashion-minded again.

These primary-colour trays and buckets provide great colour contrast for a photography subject.

The Humpty Dumpties.

The making of the 'apam balik', a kind of pancake garnished with ground peanuts.

The finished 'apam balik'. Guess how many I gobbled up?

Salted fishes.

Salted-fish slices.

Dried shrimps.

Slabs of roasted pork.

Long beans, tomatoes and chilies.

The 'snake-skin' fruit.

Ointment made from seahorses.

The Japanese sweet potatoes.

Fish-cake fritters or 'keropok lekor'.

Packets of colourful biscuits.

The 'cempedak' which is related to jackfruit.


s.kuan said...

beautiful market

CK Ng said...

I've managed to show only a small part of the market. You should visit it yourself in order to feel the scale. :)

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