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Sunday 25 November 2007

Famous Blue Raincoat by Jennifer Warnes

The 1986 Famous Blue Raincoat must have been the most successful album released by Jennifer Warned thus far. This is evident by the release of the Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition this year.

Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition (2007).

It is also a test CD or LP in the audiophile arena that almost everyone must have one to showcase one's hi-fi in reproducing female vocals. The best sounding CD pressing comes from Attic Records based in Canada, and I found it to be the same for the LP pressing on the Attic Records label. Classic Records reissued this album on limited edition LP but I found it to be richer at the bottom end but lacking in the sweet mid-range and silky-smooth high frequency found in the Attic Records pressing.

Top left: Attic Records LP; top right: Classic Records LP; bottom: Attic Records CD. These are extremely hard to find nowadays and I'm lucky to have all of them.

Top left: Attic Records LP; top right: Attic Records LP cover; bottom: Attic Records CD.

This is my favourite track ripped from my Attic Records CD, Song of Bernadette.


s.kuan said...

Omg! LPs... they are gorgeous

CK Ng said...

And LPs sound much better than CDs! :)

s.kuan said...

very difficult to get LP liao.

CK Ng said...

My brother is a part-time 2nd hand LP dealer in S'pore, so I have no problem getting my supply. :) I do get some newly released LPs in S'pore too.

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