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Friday 30 November 2007

Rural Outreach to Kampung Empasak

Following my previous post on the living condition of Kampung Empasak, the New Century Lions Club of Kuching Emerald has drafted out 3 stages for the outreach project to help the village, namely: (1) Christmas party for the children including those from the nearby villages of the Balai Ringin area; (2) donation of necessities to the 11 households; and (3) health screening for the village folks in collaboration with the Sarawak British Alumni Association.

The village is indeed in dire straits.

Every household needs some donation of groceries listed in the wish-list.

The wish-list on necessities that the Club has come out with is already posted up by Brede101. We are now seeking for sponsors for the items listed and these will be handed to the households on the 20th December 2007 right after the Christmas party for the children.

We are reluctant to donate cash as the money may end up on alcohol consumption.

Some of the children may be experiencing the Christmas party for the first time.

They are waiting for your help in any kind.

The children's Christmas party will be held in this newly completed church.

If you are interested and would like to contribute to this project in any kind, please contact our Club President at the following address:

New Century Lions Club of Kuching Emerald
P.O. Box P70
93457 Kuching

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