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Sunday 2 December 2007

Santorini – Almost Heaven: The Southern Crosses in Fira

The churches on the islands of Greece are mostly small with hemispherical domes. They are mostly painted white in colour with a few exceptions. The white ones with blue domes are the signature amongst the island buildings that appear on picture postcards. However, there are not many white churches with blue domes around Fira, as I saw more white domes here.

A very unique architecture in Fira, the Orthodox Cathedral.

The white dome that looks like the head of 'Pinhead'.

The bell tower and the dome of an orthodox church.

The white onion.

I have found a blue dome!

The bell tower of a Catholic church.

The domes and the bell towers of the Catholic Cathedral and an orthodox church.

The sprawling Southern Crosses in Fira.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Wish we were there. The buildings are amazing. This blog is nice. You photography and supporting text is going to be the reason we return. Thank you for sharing.

Phillip Matson

CK Ng said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, Philip. Those are the words that a blogger like me needs to move on further. :)

SooHK said...

some good shots...interesting place to be...

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