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Monday 17 March 2008

Fragrance and Odour

If you happened to be in Hong Kong, one type of snack food that you should never miss is the 'cake in a tiny bowl' (砵仔糕). This cake is made from rice flour with brown sugar or white sugar, and sometimes garnished with some red beans.

There are two sisters in Hong Kong that sell this snack at the junction of D'Aguilar Street and Wellington Street everyday. Their hands had never stopped digging the cakes from the bowls and packed them into plastic bags since we arrived at their cart-stall.

It was just past noon time and the wooden container had very few cakes left.

So, we quickly grabbed some and paid to the sisters.

The brown-sugar rice cakes were finally in our hands!

Not only the brown-sugar rice cakes, but we had one white-sugar rice cake in our hands too!

This is when the rice cake turned bad! Just kidding. It is the notorious 'smelly tofu' (臭豆腐) which I find it hard to be accepted by my taste bud. Well, for some, they just love it!


Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

So hard to find similar HK tasting 臭豆腐 in Singapore :(
The gula-melaka 砵仔糕 looks better :P

My Tues WW @ Napaboaniya APAD

SandyCarlson said...

Those sound interesting. Thanks for teaching me something about the food and making it look so tantalizing with your great photos.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yes those big photos made the cakes look life-size real. i almost ate my screen. i also hate the smell of smelly tofu--how can ppl eat tt??

CK Ng said...

Haha! You are so funny! Those rice cakes are very nice and refreshing, very different from our Nyonya kuih which is sometimes too rich. I also wonder why some ppl just love the smelly tofu!

Happydog said...

Hi. I really enjoy reading and looking at your travel blog. The food look really yummy.

U mentioned a food bible for your HK trip.

As I am going to Macau and HK next week, do u think u can share with me this food guide or tips on where to go? My email add is

Thanks so much in advance.

Happydog said...

P/S : I also hate smelly beancurd. yuck.

CK Ng said...

Hi Happydog, I'm sorry to tell you that the food bible belongs to my travel partners' friend. I think they have already returned the book to the owner. I have however featured quite a few eateries in Hong Kong and Macao on my blog, so please check them out. :)

Happydog said...

CK, thank you very much. Have checked out your Hk and Macau blog.

Sorry, D'Aguilar Street and Wellington Street is in where part of HK?

P/S : I really enjoy your Greece travel blog. Simply lovely.

I also like photography but am only a newbie. Hope to learn more from u.

CK Ng said...

You're very welcome, Happydog. :) D'Aguilar Street and Wellington Street are at Central. If you take the MTR, just alight at the Central Station.

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