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Sunday 16 March 2008

Markets for Women and Men

We spent a day roaming the streets of Kowloon during our recent trip to Hong Kong. There were really many people on the streets, the biggest crowd I have seen in my life!

It was also the day that I saw the most stalls in a number of markets. It was like a departmental store sprawling across a few streets.

All sorts of merchandises are available on these streets, ranging from food to clothing; anything that you wear from head to toe!

There is also a street full of florist shops, selling all kinds of fresh flowers, plants and seeds.

If I were to propose to my girlfriend using a bouquet made of these, would she accept me, or would she eat all of them and say nothing at all?

Well, I don't know why parents find it difficult to explain about the birds and the bees to their children. What I'll do is simple, just show them some pictures of the birds! And ask them to go find the bees by themselves.

This is where they call the Ladies' Market (女人街). May be there are more ladies' stuff than men's stuff on this street, that explains the name.

If the ladies have a dedicated market, how can men be left out, right? I could see there were more men's stuff in this Men's Market (男人街).


haan said...

obviously u went to the bird park and flower market too, am i right?

CK Ng said...

Yupp! We spent one whole day touring most of the markets in Kowloon, including the flower market and bird market.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Nice set Sifu. The pic of the peanuts and tie esp. Ai. First, have to go to Japan now Hong Kong also~

CK Ng said...

Thanks, Wombok. Now, you gotta make up your mind! LOL!

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