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Friday 4 April 2008

Japanese Fire-fighting

When I was having my breakfast in the convenient store this morning, I suddenly heard sirens coming and I saw a few fire engines passing by. I thought they were just passing by, but they stopped in front of the convenient store. Minutes later, I saw thick smoke coming out from across the road. Then I realised that one of the shops opposite the convenient store was on fire.

They fire department here is super efficient. The fire engines arrived before the fire became blazing flame. When I was out from the convenient, the fire-fighters had already put out the fire and thick white smoke was already sprawling out from the scene.

I thought that Japanese people are very safety-conscious but I saw a lot of them stopping by the road to witness the whole incidence. Well, they are only human, and as 'kay po' as Malaysians. Huh!

The shop on fire is in fact the place I had dinner two nights ago. The yaki-nikku was very nice. I'm gonna miss this place for a while.


Orange said...

I had witnessed 2 fire incident in my life in Malaysia. Both of it get wipe out in flame before the firefighter arrived.

I heard Japan transport way busier than Malaysia. So don't blame the road. Its the ineffectiveness.

Anyway, is it food store or what? ><

CK Ng said...

The Japanese are much more efficient in everything. When I passed by the scene again, I noticed that only the roof was burnt away. The shop is still intake. Yes, it is a Chinese food restaurant.

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