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Thursday 3 April 2008

Ramen Satisfaction

When Dr Asamoto drove by the ramen shop along Saidai-dori yesterday, he pointed to me his favourite place for ramen which is within walking distance from Saitama University. If a Japanese says something is good, it must be exceptionally good, so I couldn't wait to taste it and I rushed there after work. This shop is not possible to miss with such big signboard pointing the way.

As I got nearer, I was even more excited as I can speak Japanese. I was wondering how I was going to order.

I went around the shop searching for some display items that I could point to the waitress to order, but I was out of luck. I found another signboard with more Japanese writing. Luckily I can read Kanji (Chinese characters), and the big characters say: "No. 1 in Saitama," but it is of no help to me.

So, I could care too much anymore and just stepped in to take a seat. I was handed a menu that I couldn't understand with very abstract paintings of the food, so I couldn't identify what they were. When the waitress came to me, I said to her: "chasu ramen" because this is the type of ramen that I like. She responded with a sentence that I couldn't understand, but it roughly meant they don't have it. She pointed the picture of a bowl of ramen with the Kanji stating that it is the shop's popular item, so I nodded my head and said "arigato" to her.

When I was waiting eagerly for what would be served to me, the bowl of ramen had already arrived. Luckily it was not something alien to me.

This bowl of ramen was served with (starting from far right) a thin slice of pork with intermittent fat and lean meat, half a hard-boiled egg, a chunk of braised pork and some black fungi. All these were just too out of this world to me! I have tasted pork that melted in my mouth once only in a ramen shop in Singapore before this, and this really brought back the wonderful feeling of tasting pork! I have not tasted creamy egg yoke in a hard-boiled egg except for the one I had this evening!

The soup was so thick that I eventually licked the bowl dry. I shouldn't miss mentioning that the noodles are made in the shop itself, guaranteeing freshness everyday. They were just so tasty until I don't know how to describe. I can just say that they contain all the goodness found in noodles.

This bowl of ramen was not cheap though, but it is cheap according to the local Japanese. Any meal that costs less than 1,000 Yen is considered cheap. So, I'll go back to this shop again to try out their different types of ramen.


Orange said...

omg a must have if going to japan. although i used to eat ramen at crowne plaza kuching, it doesnt look and sounds this good to me ><

CK Ng said...

This bowl of ramen was the best I have tasted so far. Nothing beats the Japanese authenticity! I heard from someone that the Japanese has the pride in their cooking skills. If they are not good in cooking, they won't sell their food to the public.

Fish Fish said...

Hey ck-ii, another Kuchingite directed me to your blog. LOL Nice to see you in Japan. Always feel so glad to see another Kuchingite exploring it. I was there, in Kyoto for 5 years, but have left for more than 2 years. The thing I miss the most there? The foods.

My blog talked a lot about food in Japan until March 2006, you might be able to find something you want to know. If you have anything you are interested to ask, feel free to email me.

Oh, I see your full set of the Camera, nice one. Japan you make you fall in love with photography until no return. LOL Quick quick take the Sakura blooming before the rain comes, as they will disappear once being stained by the rain.

Try to find an Ippudo nearby your area and try it. It is the No.1 Kyushu ramen in japan. It is tonkotsu base. Must try their gyoza too. In kantou area, Shoyu Ramen is the more popular one, though I am not a fan of that.

Ok, I talk too much for the 1st time. Have fun! Looking forward to reading your posts.

CK Ng said...

Hi fish fish, welcome to my blog. Thanks for letting me know of your blog about Japan. I'll definitely check it out to guide me through my stay here. :)

WoMbOk™♂ said...


CK Ng said...

..Oishi desu ne..

Anonymous said...

looking at the ramen, and the peach blossom.. trust me.. this is not only enuff to make me feel hungry at 1:25am local time, but also enuff to make me consider abandoning my post in singapore and come join u in japan...

lol.. how are u doing there? trying out more yummy yummy?

CK Ng said...

Hi Carol, are you back in KL now? I'm doing fine here. I've been back to the ramen place but ordered the same thing without the egg by mistake. Haha! I have to learn some more Japanese in order to communicate more efficiently.

Anonymous said...

imagine this:
*hold the bowl of ramen with two hands, go to the counter, look into the staff's eyes,and then look back into ur bowl, and mumble in a gentle, near crying tone: " My egg??"

(in japanese, but someone please help to translate)

hehehehehehe... yea back in KL for 2 weeks break. that's why reading ur blog at wee hours. :D

keep the blogs coming ;)

CK Ng said...

I don't even know how to say egg in Japanese. Probably I had to flap my hands and do the action of something coming out from my back side. Haha!

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