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Thursday 29 May 2008

The Nikon Pilgrimage – Part 1

I sent my camera for image sensor cleaning at one of the Nikon Plazas in Tokyo and it was as excited as a pilgrimage for me for the brand of the cameras I use for over 20 years. I was first introduced to using the Nikon cameras when I played with my Dad's F3, and it has been the road of no return.

Never did I have the thought that I would make it to the showroom of Nikon in Tokyo one day when I first touched a Nikon camera, but there I was, after 20 years!

The showroom cum service centre is located in the heart of Tokyo Metropolis, where the best brands of fashion around the world can be found. It is located at non other than the Ginza area.

The whole second level is occupied by the service centre and the Nikon Professional Services Centre. I don't know what the Nikon Professional Services Centre is for because the admission is 'for members only.' Maybe it's for the certified Nikon photographers.

After handing in my camera body to the service centre for image sensor cleaning, I was told that it would be ready in one hour. So, I hung around the showroom to see the display.

This is one of the vantage Nikon cameras on display at the mini museum.

There are all the current models on display, and they are all open for testing, including the top-of-the-line D3! I got myself poisoned with it and I have decided to save up for one. However, D3 will be an obsolete model by the time I have saved up. So, I should aim for a D6 instead, should there be that model by then.

There is also the whole line-up of the Nikon lenses in production, including the latest AF-S VR 400mm f/2.8G with Nano-crystal coating. It is one of the most expensive lenses available.

The gallery area always has an exhibition of a featured Nikon photographer. The theme at the time of my visit was 'The Lung of Goats' by direct translation. All the photographs are black and white taken within the past 30 years by the photographer.


Ruey said...

Nikon rulez!!! :D and what is 'Lung of Goat' suppose to mean lao shi?? :S pls remember ur jedis when u decide to let go of your D70 or D300 upon getting your D6 yeah? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I chose Canon from start due to Nikon don't have FF body during that time. But now - the story change. Nikon have D3!!! :P

CK Ng said...

Heay Ruey, I think the photographer just used one of his shot of the lung of a goat to name the theme. Please keep your eyes on your own Canon! Hehehe! :D

Hi Jayce, something that is good news to the Nikonians is that the top-of-the-range Nikon D3 is almost half price of the Canon 1Ds Mark III, and the only vice is just the pixel-count.

Unknown said...

Its been over 30 years since I was at Nikon Ginza. I believe its the same building. At that time, there was a Nikon repair or other center downstairs. Upstairs was the Nikon show room. At the time, it was Nikomats or Nikon F2s. Saw my first 2000mm lens there. I don't remember if there was a gallery there back then.

The USO was right next door to it.

Nice upgrade.

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