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Monday 19 May 2008

The Shiba-zakura Flowers

I have shown the landscape of the Hitsujiyama Koen but I did not include the close-up of the shiba-zakura flowers. I was thinking about having a separate post about them. Since Terri was asking about the flowers and I think most of you are interested in seeing the pictures too, I am making this post earlier than I have planned just to show you how they look like. They look very similar to the sakura flowers.

Someone brought these teddy bears for the outing, so I just took advantage of it.

Each of the flower is about the size of a Malaysian 20 Sen coin.

This is a shiba-zakura in pure white.

The pure white one with some pink staining.

The pinks with white stripes.

The pinks with some red spots.

The red ones.

The pure purple flowers with indigo staining.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wow, thank u ck for ur quick response! er..they don't look at all like sakura blossoms. i'd say more like cosmos or daisies bc they r single-whorl. but their colors n simplicity make them beautiful! i feel like i'm living in Japan thru u.

CK Ng said...

Hi Terri, you are very welcome! There are a few types of single-whorl sakura blossoms, in which these shiba-zakuras look quite like them. I have the different types of sakura blossom posted up in Sakura! Sakura! Sakura! :)

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