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Friday 2 May 2008

Stuff to Buy in Ginza

As mentioned in my previous post, Ginza is an upmarket place to shop, so you can see all the international brands sprawling all over the streets of Ginza.

I am obliged to dedicate this photo to my good friend again.

As I walked along the streets again, I could see more brands and beautiful window displays before my eyes. Ginza is really the place if you wanna see all the brands in one area.

While walking up and down the Ginza streets, I didn't realised that the hours were ticking away. I was already dark after I almost finished browsing the shops and stores around Ginza.

The two giant electronic manufacturers have to make their mark on the streets for fashion as well. Well, electronic gadgets have become part of the fashion industry nowadays.


Anonymous said...

i ponder how are these high rise building gonna sustain should there be a major earthquake...

Anonymous said...

also, i wonder if u have seen any traditional kimono shop. and i also wonder if they'd let u photograph...

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