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Thursday 23 September 2010

The Legend of the Moon

Yesterday was the Mid-autumn Festival for the Chinese people, which falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Lunar calender. In Malaysia, most people refer to it as Mooncake Festival as mooncakes are synonymous to it.

During the end of the Yuan Dynasty of China, the Chinese people used the mooncakes as a medium to deliver the message for starting the revolution against the Mongolian rulers.

During the Mid-autumn Festival, the moon is also the brightest and roundest.

There is also a legend associated to the moon on Mid-autumn Festival. There was a hunter name Hou Yi who was summoned by the emperor to shoot down the nine of ten suns. It must be burning hot then with ten suns. Hou Yi later became an emperor and has a beautiful wife named Chang Er. With wealth and power, Hou Yi became a tyrant. He also obtained a bottle of elixir. Chang Er did not have the heart to see the people suffering under his husband's ruling, not to mention to let him rule with immortality. Therefore, Chang Er stole the bottle of elixir and drank it. Her body became lighter and lighter and she flew to the moon and she has never left the moon since then. However, Neil Armstrong did not come face to face with her, though.

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