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Friday 27 April 2012

Affordable Meal in Downtown Tokyo

Everybody knows that Japan has very high living expenses. Travellers who are on a tight budget always find it hard to look for reasonably priced food items in downtown Tokyo. However, there are shops scattered around the streets which sell food at affordable price. When I first visited Shinjuku in 2008, this was what I found.

This shop was selling mainly soba but there were some set meals available too. The cheapest soba in soup was ¥250 and the most expensive set meal was ¥570. There was absolutely no pain in the neck for me who doesn't understand Japanese to make the food order. All the food plastic models were life size that looked exactly like the real food.

I settled for the mid-price set meal which was ¥490. After paying at the ticket machine, I was given a coupon of food item ordered. I went to the cooking station and gave them the coupon and they started preparing my meal right away. That's Japanese efficiency.

Minutes later, my set meal of stir-fried beef and salmon with rice was ready. I just needed to carry the tray and find an empty seat to savour my meal. Although the food quality wasn't top notch, it was still a fulfilling meal. It was a cheap meal by Japanese standard.

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