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Sunday 22 April 2012

Trdelník in Český Krumlov

If I were to choose a pastry that represents Czech Republic, I would undoubtedly answer: "Trdelník!" This unique sweet pastry is everywhere in Prague. The only difference between Prague trdelník and Český Krumlov trdelník is the way that they are sold. In Prague, they are sold in open stalls. In Český Krumlov, they are sold through windows.

If you want to buy the pastry, you just peep at the window and the shopkeeper will show up to serve you.

This is another shop that was always short of trdelník to sale during my visit.

When I peeped through the window, I saw the baker busy manning the oven, preparing freshly baked trdelník, popping hot from the oven.

Every single trdelník detached from the drum was immediately grabbed by the queueing customers.

This trdelník didn't stay long on the pile of crushed nuts before it went to serve the gastronomic journey of a satisfying customer.


The Angry Medic said...

Okay that shopkeeper in the second picture scares me. Looks like she's going to b*tchslap whoever dares poke their head at the window. o_O

Anyway, it's great to see another Malaysian blogging about Europe and travel. I'll be back to stalk you - keep it up!

CK Ng said...

Hi Angry Medic, thanks for dropping by. :)

That shopkeeper was actually smilling. She's not as aggressive as what you think. Haha!

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