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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Pocky Chocolate Dessert

Pocky is a very well-known brand name for Japanese snacks, particularly dessert on sticks. Therefore, I had the chance to try out several types of Pocky snacks when I was in Japan.

I should say that chocolate with orange flavour is one of my favourite chocolate. I just can't resist myself when I see chocolate packaging with an orange illustrated on it.

Although I couldn't understand much of what was written at the back of the box, Pocky is the word for quality food to me.

There were four packets in the box, with three sticks in each packet. After I opened one packet and started tasting, these orange flavoured chocolate coated biscuits sticks tasted so divine!

After I had finished the three sticks in the first packet, I couldn't resist to open the second packet. Then the third and the fourth. Without me knowing it, I finished up all twelve sticks in one go!

I really miss the Japanese snacks.


Spencer said...

Looks intriguing! I would love to try some.

CK Ng said...

This is indeed good. You should try!

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