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Saturday 29 December 2012

Sapporo Ramen in Kuala Lumpur

When I vistied Kuala Lumpur recently, I met up with my friends from Kuching at Pavillion and they wanted to check out the ramen there which has been receiving good verdicts from their friends and bloggers. We weren't quite sure at first as there are so many Japanese restaurants in this shopping mall, so my friends messaged their friend to find out which restaurant is the right one as we didn't want to end up at the wrong place with the wrong food.


After we received the confirmation message saying that it is Santouka inside Tokyo Street, we headed there straight away and we were lucky to get a table to fit in all of us. We were told that this place gets packed to the brim during peak dining hours.


I oredered a small Chasu Ramen (RM27.50) as I am a chasu lover. The bowl of noodles came topped with four pieces of chasu and the other vegetable toppings. Mine was a miso flavoured version as there are other options of shio (salt) or shoyu (soy sauce). The broth was quite thick that I could taste the flavour of all the ingredients being boiled for hours, especially the taste of prok bones.


The noodles are the same curly type that is used in Sapporo. It has the same springy texture as those I have tasted in Sapporo. The chasu made from the belly pork was very soft and tender. The fatty layers could just melt in the mouth.


The ramen at Santouka was good, but to taste the authentic Sapporo ramen, the best place is still in Sapporo. For the best ramen, it is still at Tsukiya Ramen near Tokyo.

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