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Sunday 20 October 2013

Dandy Hotel at Da-an Park

During our trip to Taiwan, our accommodation in Taipei was at this Dandy Hotel (丹迪旅店) at Da-an Park (大安森林公園). I think by now the subway station just a few steps away from the hotel entrance must have been completed.


The room that we stayed is the park-view type. The room was quite spacious with two single beds and all the amenities that a three- or four-star hotel should provide. It is worth mentioning that the room was very clean and the white bed sheets were spotless. The bathtub, sink and toilet bowl were all sparkling clean too.




Our room came with complimentary breakfast at the hotel restaurant located at the lower ground floor. There were quite a number of dishes to choose from, and most of the dishes were fusion of oriental and western cuisines.


The signature dish of the hotel restaurant is the cream mushroom soup with puff pastry. This was really good and it is something that runs out very fast. I had this everyday for my stay in this hotel. The puff pastry was really flaky that could be eaten to enjoy the crispiness while dry or dipped in the soup for the softness.



This hotel is highly recommended for good sleep as well as good breakfast. The hotel staff were really friendly and helpful during our stay, and I am confident that the quality of service will keep on as Taiwanese has great influence from the Japanese culture.


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