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Saturday 5 July 2014

Hakka Lui Cha

I have not taken lui cha (擂茶) very often because I have not acquired the taste for it, or maybe those lui cha I had taken before were not prepared authentically. Not until recently that my sister brought me to this place at Pisang Road West, it totally changed my view of it. This place is called Hakka Lui Cha (海南村客家擂茶).

The serving came with purple-colour rice covered in a variety of stir-fried vegetables, scrambled tofu and roasted peanuts. A bowl of finely-ground vegetable soup is served separately, of which you can ask for different level of bitterness. Some like to eat the rice and soup separately, but some like to pour the soup into the rice and eat it as porridge. I prefer to eat them separately.


The stir-fried vegetables were very well prepared and the rice was chewy. The soup of normal bitterness suited my taste very well, or should I call it bitterness at all? It's a kind of bitter-sweetness to be more exact. So, if you are looking for good lui cha, this is the place!

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