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Saturday 12 July 2014

Siniawan Night Market

Siniawan (新堯灣) is a small town slightly more than 20 kilometres away from Kuching. It was used to be a rest-stop for drivers travelling around Kuching and Bau, but business had been badly affected by the realignment of the main road which bypasses this old town.


A few years ago, the town council had a plan to revive this old town into a weekend night market. Since then, the crowd from Kuching has steadily increase during weekends.


When I went there this evening, it was already quite hard to get a parking lot by 6 p.m. When we left at about 9:30 p.m., the parking space was already unable to accommodate all vehicles and there were plenty of cars parking by the roadside.


The night market is all about food at the moment. All the food that we tasted there were not too bad. Hopefully it with expand to become a food centre specialising in local cuisine and a also a one-stop shopping location for local products. It is well worth a visit if you still have not been there.


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