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Monday 23 February 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

The first day of Chinese New Year (CNY) this year fell on a Thursday. Therefore, thee was a long weekend for the celebration. However, time really flies during festive seasons, especially when we had to receive visitors at our house and also pay our relatives some visits. It was just like a blink of an eye and it is the fifth day of CNY already!

As usual, our house served layered cakes and cookies to the visitors. These layered cakes and cookies were home-baked by my sister-in-law which are one of the best that one can get in Kuching. You were very lucky if you could get to take your order from her this year.



For the CNY home décor, my brother brought back some peach blossoms from Singapore and the flowers are still blooming.




My bother's family had left for Singapore yesterday, so we had our final reunion dinner before they left. We had the garlic-butter giant prawns, scallops in abalone sauce and braised cabbage with abalone slices and shitake mushrooms. This was my third meal at home with prawns since the first day of CNY! It's time to do more workout to digest all those cholesterol intake.




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