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Tuesday 3 March 2015

A Quick Walk Around Nuremberg

After the pork-knuckle lunch at Nuremberg, we were given about an hour of free time to walk around this little old town.

There is this 'Ship of Fools' sculpture placed along the street. It is said to be based on the book of satire with the same name.


Most of the old towns in Europe were built along rivers. Nuremberg is also no exception.



Old churches are also the features of European old towns. Therefore, one cannot miss seeing churches of gothic or baroque style. The gothic churches always have towers with steep roof that cannot be missed even from a distance. This gothic church is St. Lawrence Church (Lorenzkirche).



When we arrived at St. Lawrence Church, it was about time for us to make a U-turn back to meet the other tour members.



The was a market at the old town area selling all sorts of things. My sister bought a few peaches for us to chew on the tour bus. These peaches were extremely juicy and refreshing.


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