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Tuesday 10 June 2008

South Africa – The First Enounter

I'm quite busy at the moment and I have not much time to update on Japan, so I will be reposting my old posts on South Africa that I posted on other forums some time ago. I hope you'll enjoy them also.

I embarked on a journey to South Africa some time in November 2005. These are the photos taken on the plane before touching down in Cape Town.

The first glow of the sun.

Morning breakfast with marshmallow.

The mountainous terrain of the African land.

The farmlands in the valley.

This rocky terrain has little economic value but it is gorgeous.

Women's glittering best friends come from mining pits like one of this.

Cape Town is built on considerably flat terrain.

The natural landmark of Cape Town, the Table Mountain.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots taken from high above ;)

CK Ng said...

Thanks napaboaniya. :)

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