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Sunday 8 June 2008

The Vietnamese Connection

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. I met a lot of new friends who share the same interest, i.e., photography. All these new friends are from Vietnam as I knew them through a Vietnamese who is working in the same laboratory with me.

We went to the Imperial Palace for landscape shooting as well as portrait shooting.

I managed to shoot same close-up shots of insects as well.

The model that we shot is a gorgeous lady who is the wife of one of the outing members.

Another lovely model with us yesterday is also a photography enthusiast.

Apart from lady models, we also had a handsome guy with us.

Even passersby were gorgeous enough for our photo-shooting.

I spotted a photographer who played with his medium-format camera and I thought it was interesting enough too.

It was an interesting outing indeed and I am looking forward to more outings with them.


Anonymous said...

reminds me of jacky cheung in younger days.

CK Ng said...

I didn't realise until you have mentioned it. Haha! :D

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