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Thursday 12 June 2008

South Africa – The Journey due South

The South African Peninsula is well-known for its spectacular coastline with cliffs dropping down to the deep blue water. The journey started from Cape Town and passed through Clifton and Camps Bay, offering very spectacular view of the Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve Apostles as viewed from further south of Camps Bay.

Travelling further south, passing the Twelve Apostles, I was brought to Hout Bay.

One of the rocky hills around Hout Bay.

Hout Bay is a fishing village turned into a modern marina.

I took the boat trip from Hout Bay to Duiker's Island, or better known as Seal Island to tourists.

The seals were having a great time on their territory.

After waving goodbye to the seals, the boat brought us back to Hout Bay and our tour bus brought us further south. We were offered a very spectacular view of Hout Bay on the way from a viewpoint.

Hout Bay as seen from further south.

Thereafter, we boarded the tour bus to continue our journey south on the Chapman's Peak Drive which was built on the cliffs of the coastline. There were spectacular views along this most beautiful stretch of the coastal roads.

Chapman's Peak Drive with Hout Bay in the background.

Another view on the Chapman's Peak Drive overlooking Hout Bay.

The arrival at the South Sea Beach marked the end of the Chapman's Peak Drive. The South Sea Beach is also known as the Boulders' Beach as big boulders form part of the beach. This is the place where there is a penguin colony.

The penguins were having their sunbath on the boulders.

A closer look at the penguins.

This is why it is called the Boulders' Beach.

After visiting the penguin colony, we continued our journey to the southern tip of the peninsula, where the prominent Cape of Good Hope is.

The wave at the Cape of Good Hope. All the Europeans had to pass by this cape on their journey east.

Lives on the cape.

Having arrived at the southern tip, we travelled westward, circling around the Cape of Good Hope, to visit Cape Point.

Some rocky mountains as seen from Cape Point.

The lighthouse at Cape Point.

The overall view of Cape Point.

A closer look at the tip of Cape Point.

Arrival at Cape Point marked the end of my southbound journey from Cape Town.


BerN said...

Hi CK,
An extremely scenic shots. I wonder did the movie King Kong was shot in South Africa? plus do penguin sun bathing?

haan said...

amazing! how i wish i could be there!!!!!!!

CK Ng said...

Hi Bern and Haan, thanks. :) I don't really know whether the movie 'King Kong' was shot here. Sorry.

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