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Friday 6 June 2008

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

I have been to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office at Shinjuku for several times due to the abundance of photography subjects, including the bird-eye city view from the observatories which I will post later.

It has got two towers, a ring-shape walkway connecting the buildings and a courtyard with statues crafted by some Japanese artists.

There were also some other abstract sculptures around the garden of the buildings.

When I first visited this place in early April, the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom.

The building with the twin towers is the main building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. The observatories are placed at 45th floor of one of the towers.

The ring-shape walkway connects the main building with the other part of the Office across the road.

I will be updating with the photos taken from the observatories at 45th floor, so please stay tuned.

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