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Thursday 5 June 2008

Down the Automobile Memory Lane

Other than the Mega Web, Toyota has collected some classic cars and they are displayed at a section called History Garage at Odaiba. It took me quite a while to find it as the signage wasn't very clear due to the zig-zag indoor streets of the building called Venus Fort.

However, it was worth the effort searching up and down for this History Garage. The first car flanking the entrance is a Mazda Cosmosports.

The following car is also a Mazda. It seems that Mazda has been very active in producing high-performance cars since 1960s.

This is a very cute BMW. I think the present Smart cars were modeled after this Beemer.

There are many other high-performance cars of the old times on display, but I forgot what cars they are now.

The silver colour car below is a first-generation Nissan Skyline. The white one beside it is non other than the first-generation Toyota Celica with a shark-like front design.

There were not many Honda models around, except for this S800 in yellow colour.

This is a Dino, and probably I am too young to know Dino. It looks like a Ferrari to me, probably it was designed by Pininfarina as well.

There is a 1972 Lotus Elan S4 around for the Lotus lovers to appreciate as well.

Is this a Volkswagen? No way! It is a Porsche 356!

Is this an Alfa Romeo? Nuh! It is a Jaguar E Type!

As for the American super cars from the past, there are the legendary GM Corvette and Ford Mustang to be admired.

The History Garage is quite an eye-opener for car lovers. If you are visiting Tokyo, don't miss this at Odaiba.


Anonymous said...

Stay away from car... Unless you have a lot of money to buy petrol. :P

CK Ng said...

I can't afford to have any of these. They are collector's items! :D

WoMbOk™♂ said...


The lotus reminds me of speed racer!

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