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Monday 3 September 2007

CK Goes to Italy – Capri

I took the Caremar ferry from Marina Piccola of Sorrento to go to Capri. When this resort island off the coast of Naples and Sorrento has become nearer and nearer, my adrenalin level has risen as well.

The first thing I did upon arrival was jumping onto another motorboat to visit one of the sea caves.

This is where I entered one of the most prominent sea caves, Grotto Azzurra (Blue Grotto). From the motorboat, I had to be transferred to another small rowing boat to get inside the sea cave, as the opening is too small for the motorboat. It was really a challenge to me transferring myself between boats on the sea. We had to be seated low in the rowing boat with our legs wide open to accommodate the other people in front of one and another, which was really awkward, especially when a lady was in front of me!

This is what Grotto Azzurra is famous for, the turquoise blue water from the reflection of sunlight.

After that, I headed back to the Marina Grande at Capri town to explore the main island.

I sat down at a café and ordered an iced cappuccino to quench my thirst before I took the Funicolare (funicular train) up the hill.

The funicular train came to a stop at one corner of Piazza Umberto I in the centre of Capri.

And it was already late in the afternoon. I gotta catch up with time to explore this fantastically beautiful island.

So, I quickly took a glance at the Chiesa di Santo Stefano at one corner of Piazza Umberto I.

Then I zoomed in closer to look at the details of the interesting dome of the church.

After that, I wandered through the narrow lanes heading south to Giardini di Augusto (Gardens of Augustus).

Along the way was this astonishing Certosa di San Giacomo.

I couldn't take my eyes off Certosa di San Giacomo, so I tried to shoot this monastery at a different angle.

This long and winding path would have brought me from Giardini di Augusto to the southern coastline of Capri below.

The view of the southern coastline from Giardini di Augusto is really fantastic!

And there are these rock stacks called Isole Faraglioni along the southern coast, as viewed from Giardini di Augusto.

I took a detailed look at Isole Faraglioni again.

And then I walked back to Piazza Umberto I, took the funicular train downhill and boarded the last scheduled boat leaving Capri for Naples, the SNAV Jet.

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