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Sunday 11 November 2007

The White Dream in Mykonos: When the Sun is Going Down

Whenever someone goes on an island vacation, something that wouldn't be missed is the sunset, and it was certainly not for me to miss the sunset in Mykonos. The first question I asked Yanis about Mykonos when he was sending me to Pension Matina was: "May I know where is the best spot to watch the sunset here?" and he pointed me the 'sweet spot.' It is at a windmill on the Upper Hora.

After roaming around Hora (Capital) of Mykonos on my first day there, I went to that 'sweet spot' to watch the whole process of the sunset. It took about three hours as it was summer time.

An old man who man the windmill at the 'sweet spot' for sunset watching.

A shaft that has retired from serving in the windmill operation.

The gears and inverter that once powered the grinding of grains.

The sun is already low on the horizon.

The 'golden hour' is finally here.

The sun is about to 'sink' into the water.

The sun is shining its final ray of light for the day.

A church nearby is catching the light during the twilight hour.

When the natural light is off, the artificial light comes on.

For some of the people visiting Mykonos, this is just the beginning.

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WoMbOk™♂ said...


Sifu, pics looks awesome. Esp. pics 4 - 7. I like.

Black_Mamba said...

Wow. Amazing shots. Makes me want to board a plane to get there :)

s.kuan said...

beautiful sun set

CK Ng said...

Thanks wombok, black_mama and slowcatchupkuan. :)

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