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Thursday 1 November 2007

The White Dream in Mykonos: With a Little Bit of Red

As much as I like the tone in a photo to see the form of a single-colour object, I pretty much like a little of flavouring colours to make the subject even more outstanding. If a white subject is filled in with some primary colours, like what I've shown in the stairways and gates and doors shots, the photos are more pleasing to the eyes.

The robot figure built from recycled materials is just so cute!

Mykonos is just a haven for the single-colour object photography as almost all the houses are painted white. With a little flavouring red colour from the bougainvilleas and other type of red flowers, they form a very interesting subject for photography.

The adorning red bougainvillea on the whitewashed wall forms a very good foreground for the white subject behind.

The overhanging red bougainvillea frames the top of the whitewashed building nicely.

The red flowers of the potted plants add some flavour to the all white scene.

A single red potted plant stands out from the other white-colour objects.

Some decorative red bougainvillea in front of the whitewashed cube buildings provides the colour contrast very well.

Red bougainvillea adorning the whitewashed building on the roof.

Shade provided by the overhanging red bougainvillea.

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footiam said...

Your pictures are fabulous!

Brede said...

wooo, nice nice. Me want to go Mykonos!!! but need to save up for DSLR too...decisions decisions.

WoMbOk™♂ said...


Again a wonderful photoset sifu. The colour contrast is very nice.

Love the first 3 pics.

Unknown said...

Wow wonderful pics. This is like dream come true for a photographer to capture Pictures like this.

Mykonos Photographer - Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography

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