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Thursday 13 December 2007

Santorini – Almost Heaven: Strolling the Streets in Oia

Oia, pronounced as 'Ia', is the most beautiful village in Santorini. It is a place that any visitor to Santorini shouldn't miss. If one hasn't been to Oia, the trip to Santorini is somehow incomplete.

Oia was devastated by the earthquake in 1956 but it was restored extensively that no sign of devastation can be spotted. All you'll see are just beautiful scenes, nothing else.

It was once home to wealthy captains but now it is lined with shops selling expensive jewellery and souvenirs.

The entrance to the village is already filled with stuff to buy.

One of the narrow streets around Oia.

The streets are elaborately decorated with bougainvilleas.

The buildings are sitting on the steep cliffs of the caldera.

Even the parapet walls are painting with beautiful colours.

We have 'Walls' and they have 'Algida'.

Some interesting arches at the patio.

Most of the buildings are cubic in shape.

If you are too lazy to take your own shots, you can always carry some of these home.

The streets in Oia are all very narrow.

One whole row of souvenir shops.

Café on a terrace are aplenty here in Oia.

Are you hungry already?

This is an interesting whitewashed building with painting on the staircase parapet wall.

More souvenirs to carry home.

It is really a pleasure to stroll around, albeit the heat.

You won't miss this colourful building in Oia.

Open-terrace café is a common scene in Oia. Although drinks is expensive, it is all worthwhile for the coziness.

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Brede said...

Oia has more variety of colour on their buildings! nice nice shots

BNS said...

Excellent collection, CK. I love the color of the sky in these photos. Looks to me like "the right blue." ;-}


Cokeworld Citizen said...

YEah absolutely love the blue sky!!!! I can't remember when I last seen clear blue sky in Penang :(

My aunt loves Santorini tho she just pass by on a cruise ship. But according to her the buildings are blue and white.

Oh, thanx for dropping by : )

M.H. said...

My dreamy place to be any time in my life! Cool pics you have here... Really love it... Santorini is indeed so breathtakingly beautiful.

CK Ng said...

Hi Brede, BNS, Cokeworld Citizen and MyF, thanks for you compliments. :) Santorini is indeed a very beautiful island that is really like heaven. I'll put up the photos of the blue and white buildings. Please stay tuned.

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