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Saturday 19 January 2008

Santorini – Almost Heaven: Ancient Thira

Ancient Thira was the settlement of the Dorians in 9th century BC located on a hill by the coast. It was probably the first settlement on this lovely island of Santorini.

I was about to take the suggested path by Lonely Planet from Perrisa up to the peak to see the ruins, but luckily I asked Dina of San Giorgio Villas. I took the route from Kamari instead where there's a driveway up the peak. I would have been climbing the difficult rocky terrain from Perrisa if I didn't ask!

For normal people, it takes only an hour to reach the peak via the winding driveway, but I took nearly 2 hours to reach there, because I stopped several times to take pictures. Well, that's just an excuse for taking breath!

I know I'm on the right way.

The black-sand Kamari Beach is just down below.

Dolphin hasn't changed since the 9th century BC.

This was probably the agora or market place.

The compound of a house.

The ancient people already had the wisdom in choosing a good site for settlement.

New life in an abandoned city.

These must have been the most expensive plots of land.

The survivors.

The ancient street.

This is probably the site of the theatre.

On my way back to Kamari Beach.

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Beth Ellen said...

wonderful images CK. :)

CK Ng said...

Thanks Beth. :) Haven't 'seen' you for quite some time.

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