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Thursday 25 October 2007

The White Dream in Mykonos: Barricades in Paradise

Apart from the railing of the stairways that are painted with primary blue or red/brown colour, the gates and doors in Myknonos are also painted with these strong colours to give a very strong colour contrast. Therefore, there are very good subjects for me to photograph some semi-abstract shots.

Some of the gates are so low that they do not function as a barrier for the intruders. Instead, they just serve as symbols of territorialisation.

Beyond this gate is a cute little cube house.

A small little gate of the Hobbits.

A small gate to mark the premises of the church.

A blue gate (sounds like Bill Gates) of a private property.

A very interesting red 3-leaf door that has some Chinese elements in it.

What does a Chinese have in common with a Myconian? Each of them has a red door and a bicycle.

This is an entrance to a church.

Hey ladies, don't look beyond the door at the bottom! I wanna show you the red door and the balcony above.

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Anonymous said...

I dream is to capture all the windows and doors of the whole. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. Cynthia

Anonymous said...

should be my dream.... *typo error*

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