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Friday 26 October 2007

The White Dream in Mykonos: Sea Breeze

The waterfront of Mykonos is a great place to hang around for a lazy morning, or afternoon, or even the whole day, like what I did. Nothing is more rewarding than sipping up from a cup of iced cappuccino by the waterfront café and witnessing the people wandering around town. I could do that all day there, but I occasionally need to lift up my camera. If not, I would have ended up with nothing to show here.

The view of Mykonos Town from up the hill, on the way from my hotel to the waterfront.

The narrow band of sandy beach near to the 'Old Port.'

There are many small boats lying around the waterfront. Good for paddling around the island.

An old boat used as a decorative item at a taverna (restaurant).

The roof of a taverna overseeing the Mykonos Town waterfront.

Sun, sand, bikini.

This is the part of Mykonos Town that is called the Little Venice. There are many Little Venice's around the world, but nothing beats the real Venice!

Hmmm... After staring at it for a while, it does look like certain part of Venice. It has got to be those balconies hanging over the water!

Alright. Lets sit down and enjoy the part of Venice in Mykonos.

Indulging yourself in it further, you may think that you are really in Venice.

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footiam said...

this is a beautiful place! And your photographs are beautiful!

CK Ng said...

Hi footiam, thanks for dropping by and the kind compliments.

Anonymous said...

You have captured Mykonos very well with these photos. Thanks you for posting them.

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