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Friday 1 February 2008


You may wonder what's Patras, and I can understand that. Before I went there, I've never heard of it as well. It's just a city in the western part of Greece which is the gateway to Greece for the ferries coming from Italy. That's all about Patras, nothing touristy.

Why did I eneded up there? Well, I was there to perform my official duty. That's how I acquired the sponsored air tickets and a few nights stay in Patras and Athens. Apart from the Rion-Antirion cable-ctayed bridge, I can't think of anything else, except the excursions to Delphi and Olympia which I did not go because of the conference.

Although I did not do much of sight-seeing in Patras, I enjoyed the time in the conference discussing on the area of my research interest. The most memorable thing has got to be bumping into my Sifu from the National University of Singapore while I was pursuing my Ph.D. some more than 10 years ago. Besides the discussions on serious topics, we had a great time during the conference dinners. One of the dinners was held at a restaurant on top a a hill overlooking the sea where we had our food while watching the sunset.

It was quite a memorable stay in Patras because I bumped into many Korean and Japanese professors whom I met in conferences elsewhere. I had many great chats too with some Taiwanese engineers who work with the transportation department.

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Cutie said...

Wow... the place in Patras looks beautiful. You seem to be travelling a lot. Wish I could be doing the same as you and savour all types of food around the world. Hehe...

CK Ng said...

Hi cutie, in facts these are about all one can see at the city of Patras. LOL! :D

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