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Sunday 27 January 2008

Nuts about Kebab

I was supposed to join my Lions Club's fellow members to enjoy the sun, sand, wind and seawater at Sematan yesterday, staying overnight and have some wonderful fellowship there. However, due to being beaten by the food-poisoning bug the second time after just one month, I was, and still is stuck at home watching loads of tv programmes and browsing the internet while admiring the blue sky out there. My abdomen feels like having muscle clamp and my stomach is belching. (I'll never touch dragon fruit again!)

Well, I'm really feeling lucky that I gobbled up the food in Istanbul and Santorini without damaging my gastronomic system.

I once wandered into a small alley of Istanbul and found this restaurant with very interesting menu. The waiters there are also very friendly that he explained everything on the menu in detail to me, so I decided on the Ottoman Plate.

Every restaurant in Europe serves complimentary bread, and this one served me the rolled pita bread.

The 'Ottoman Plate' is mixed kebab serve in the palace during the Ottoman period.

The mixed kebab is basically chicken and beef with capsicum and onion served in a stoneware on top of a bronze plate.

Sometimes when I wanted to save money on meals during my trip, I would walk in the golden arch many times. It's always worth checking the McDs out because they always have some local items that you'll never find it elsewhere.

The McTurco.

The McD version of kebab, beef paté wrapped in pita bread.

The Greeks call the kebab as souvlaki, and we call them satay here. When I was in Santorini, I was told that there's a shop that sells extremely good kebab wrapped in pita bread, which is called gyros. After I've tasted it, I went back to the shop three times just to savour my gastronomy. When the shopkeeper asked me: "With everything in?" My answer was always: "Yes!" And this was what I got every time.

This one is with sliced meat. You can ask for one with meat cubes too.

It's only €1.75 each. There are sets that you can order at discounted rate.

I'm feeling lucky. I wish they'll open a branch in Kuching.

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WoMbOk™♂ said...

Get well soon Sifu. The good thing is, CNY hasn't arrived yet so there's still time to recuperate.

And yes. I do miss a good kebab.

CK Ng said...

Thanks Gordon. I'm feeling much better now with the abdo pain gone. Now I wish I can get a kebab from the Lucky shop!

Anonymous said...

wow delish!

Anonymous said...

tt cube kebabs look very good. was it?


CK Ng said...

Yea, the cube kebab was really good! But the gyros was even better! I miss the gyros.

Ah Dom said...

So Yum....
the bread looks so soft, not to mention the kebabs succulent look.

CK Ng said...

Hi Dom, the bread was nice after dipping into the kebab sauce. :p

eplo said...

Where in Santorini is the kebab store located?

CK Ng said...

Hi eplo, the kebab shop is just along the main street of Fira. You won't miss it if you are walking along this street. :)

eplo said...

Thanks CK, I'm looking forward to taste the kebab!

By the way, any good budget hotels (in Rome) to recommend?

CK Ng said...

Hi eplo, you're welcome. :)

I forgot the name of the hotel that I was staying in Rome, but you can check for the hotel quality and price at Hotel Reservation or I hope that helps. :)

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